Sherry Ulaszonek

Sherry has over 25 years of personal experience. Her love of fitness and teaching evolved into a full time career in 1988 when Sherry became B.C.R.P.A. certified and began teaching aerobics, strength training classes, and designing personal and effective programs for people of all ages and abilities. Today Sherry has a proven track record and numerous happy and healthy clients.

Sherry is the epitome of successful fitness training; this fact is only touched on in the many incredible testimonials listed below. Training with Sherry produces noticeable results, a healthier body, and a rejuvenated outlook on fitness training.

Sherry has studied kinesiology, human anatomy, and physiology at UVic as well as nutrition for sport and fitness, Sherry also has a diploma in rehabilitation. She is both certified and registered nationally and internationally through the Canadian Personal Trainers network and the American Council on Exercise. Sherry is STFA certified, and is the only trained personal trainer in Canada to offer Ayurvedic fitness, a technique developed by the best selling author Deepak Chopra.

One to One fitness offers a variety of training options including; yoga, Pilates, rehabilitation, running clinics, strength training, cardio training, fat loss programs, and tailored personal training plans.

Alysha Ulaszonek

Alysha has a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. She is registered with the British Columbia Association for Kinesiologists (BCAK) and is also a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Fitness Consultant (CFC) with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP).

Her passion is in rehabilitation and she values the importance of obtaining optimal functional well-being. As a Kinesiologist, she focuses on conditioning postural imbalances and implementing healthy lifestyle changes to improve your quality of life. Through her knowledge, experience, and caring approach she will help you reach and maintain your goals.

Reverse the Aging Process

“Of all the approaches to growing younger, exercise produces the most prompt returns. Within a week of beginning you’ll notice a definite improvement in your sense of well-being. Regular exercise is an essential element of the reversal-of-aging program.”
- Deepak Chopra

Human beings are living longer and although one cannot change their chronological age there are key steps to reversing our biological age. Your biological age can be dramatically younger than your chronological age, and it’s the key to maintaining good health, mobility and independence. “

Exercise reverses all of the biomarkers of aging.” Deepak Chopra An active exercise program, wisely adapted to one’s age and limitations, is vital in staying healthy.

The benefits are numerous and include:

Increase in strength (makes day to day tasks such as carrying groceries easier)

Physical conditioning and endurance (increases energy and reduces fatigue, improves sport performance, decreases stress brought on by daily life and work)

Improved range of motion (produces cosmetically more attractive muscles but more importantly it creates biomechanically more effective muscles, and stronger, more resilient ligaments and connective tissues that are effective in preventing injuries in minor slips or accidents.)

Balancing extremity strength and core strength (improves posture and corrects body alignment and reduces or eliminates lower back pain also reducing risk of injury.)

Increased cardiovascular health: reduces blood pressure, increases HDL (good) cholesterol, decreases total cholesterol, decreases body fat stores, decreases anxiety, tension and depression, increase heart functioning, improves sleep.

Exercise decreases health risks by over 55%. Such as:

Heart disease




Weight gain/obesity


Many forms of Cancer

Motivation in Motion……

Yet even knowing that research shows that optimal health and fitness is directly related to how physically fit one is, so many of us cannot stay motivated long enough to experience results. Working out with One to One Fitness ensures that you start at a level appropriate to you and your own goals, strengths and limitations, in a safe, functional manner. Not only will you see and feel results, you will have fun doing it, as laughter is not only the best medicine for the body and soul, it’s an essential part of our program.

Melanie O'Connor

Melanie has been a long time fitness enthusiast who has enjoyed a wide
variety of cardio and strength training regimes. Accredited by the YMCA as a fitness instructor, she taught aerobics and fitness classes in addition to her full-time work in a number of communities including Quadra Island, Lillooet and Nanaimo.

After arriving in Victoria in 1991 she continued her martial arts training (she'd started with Karate in Lillooet) first taking Kempo and then switching to Tae-Kwon-do where she earned her black belt. She trains on a regular basis in this discipline and teaches classes as well. She combines martial arts techniques in sequences that include upper and lower body work that target all the muscle groups for a whole body cardio workout. Varied combinations of kicks, punches and strength exercises are combined in quick high cardio benefit series using kick paddles, shields, heavy bags and free form. Strictly non-contact, high energy classes with engaging dialogues (the things those participants come out with) and maximum results!

These classes while challenging, are very participant friendly and modifications are made to accommodate everyone's fitness level. Melanie has two children, Ryan and Gwendolen. Ryan lives in Vancouver and Gwendolen attends high school in Victoria and often participates in Melanie's classes. Melanie has three cats and two dogs who keep her well entertained when she's not teaching classes.

An enthusiastic associate of One To One Fitness Group, she welcomes your inquiries regarding group or private kickboxing sessions.